Why Bespoke?

With a bespoke service every project is unique and the starting point is always our client's brief. Whether we are designing a bespoke kitchen using one of our in-house styles as a starting point, or researching and developing entirely new materials and joinery processes, made-to-measure cabinetry brooks no compromise in quality, craftsmanship or fit.


Thoughtful and considered design is the essence of a bespoke project; we discuss the overall concept and address our clients' requirements as the project evolves in a consultative and mutually rewarding design process. This approach gives our clients the flexibility and freedom to know that any detail or finishing, no matter the size or complexity, can be tailored to meet their expectations. 

High street kitchen brands can only deliver up to a point; there may be a selection of materials on offer and a variety of wood finishes, worktops and cabinets types to choose from but ultimately, your options will be limited to a pre-configured and standardized range of options. 


A genuinely bespoke project is different; every line is considered, every method of construction, every fixture and fitting is there by design. Whether our client needs custom storage for a prized set of Japanese chef's knives or cabinetry for an awkward alcove, a bespoke service by Jack Trench will deliver a project that has been designed and manufactured to meet those exacting requirements.