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Future Food Space | A Climate Change–All Change Co-Design Project
with London Fields Primary School

How did fifty 10-year olds respond to the design brief Future Food Space: Design for Climate Change? And how have the design studio, Acrylicize and Jack Trench elaborated the kids’ brilliant concept designs?

Over six weeks during the 2024 Spring Term at London Fields Primary School, Jack Trench and guest experts worked with fifty fledgling designers to reimagine our future food spaces in the context of a world altered by climate change.


The co-design project, in collaboration with the charity, Climate Change-All Change, included guest workshops on fermentation and food preservation with Pao Liu and Jelena Belgrave and biophilic design techniques with Oliver Heath.

Future Food Space: The Big Reveal | Exhibition at The Art House


Join us to celebrate Future Food Space: The Big Reveal, the culmination of our climate-change design project with the Year 5 children of London Fields Primary School. 


The exhibition at The Art House will showcase the children’s original designs, which have been professionally visualised in a creative collaboration between Acrylicize and Jack Trench Design.

Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 14.05_edited.jpg

Exhibition Details

Future Food Space: The Big Reveal  will be open for general admission from 7th June to 14th June (excluding Sunday). Weekday drop-in hours are between 10.00am–5.00pm and 11.00am–4.00pm on Saturday 8th June.

The Art House by Acrylicize
30-36 Pritchard's Road 
London E2 9AP


Watch | Future Food Space at London Fields Primary School

We partnered with Climate Change All Change to lead a co-design project with the Year 5 children at London Fields Primary School. Over six weeks, our teaching programme explored how future-focused design can put food on our plates and create climate resilient food spaces in the home. 

CCAC is a charity dedicated to teaching children about climate change, empowering them to imagine solutions through the lens of various design disciplines. As an advocate of good design that’s built to last, Jack hopes his work with CCAC will help foster a new generation of climate-aware designers.

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