Delivering Your Jack Trench Kitchen

The commissioning of a bespoke kitchen is about creating a product that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. Whether you come to us with a resolved design or only a very general idea of what you wish to achieve, we will work with you to define a clear brief for the design of your kitchen.


This is a step-by-step guide that will give you an understanding of what to expect at each stage of the process – from design and project management through to manufacture, installation and aftercare.

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Once formally engaged, we will issue a tailored installation schedule which can be used as a roadmap and reference to the key milestones of your project right through to the point of installation, snagging and handover. Your JT Schedule will set out the time intervals for the duration of your project as well as the estimated completion time for each task.

We understand the realities of working as part of a live construction project and will liaise closely with your main contractor, architect or interior designer to ensure optimum alignment in respect of schedule and time-lines and to ensure a seamless delivery and integration of your kitchen.


Concept, Layout & Materials

We will arrange a Concept Design Meeting to go over the proposed scheme and address any details that may not have been fully resolved prior to appointment. This design meeting is likely to be at our Clerkenwell Showroom and it is not uncommon for your interior designer or architect to be present; if you are working with one. The meeting will be heavily focussed on Kitchen Layout, Materials & Finishes.

By the end of your Concept Design Meeting we would expect to have a broad agreement on the direction of the kitchen layout, materials and finishes, with the exception of minor decisions which may be answered later on in the process.

concept meeting

Design Development

During the development stage of your project, our studio team will model your kitchen using SolidWorks, a 3D software suite. Since our kitchens are completely bespoke, it is at this point that we may need feedback from you and your architect and / or designer regarding specific details and integration issues relating to your kitchen.

We present these in the form of Design Studies which can be screengrabs of visualisations, or elevation views that are often annotated showing various options or resolutions for you to choose from.


Consolidated Design

Once all of the information above is completed, your design will be consolidated and issued for your feedback and approval. Also issued will be an updated quotation including costs for joinery, worktops and appliances.

Once issued, we will arrange a follow up Concept Approval Meeting at our Clerkenwell showroom where we will go over the Consolidated Concept with you and answer any questions you may have. It is at this milestone that approval on the scheme and quotation is needed for us to begin the detailed design of your kitchen.

consolidated design

Ordering of Appliances & Fixtures

As accredited Miele Premium Partners, we always advise our clients to visit the Miele Experience Centre in central London, prior to confirming the final specification of appliances. Before visiting the Miele Experience Centre, we would have already made contact and arrange for a representative to guide you around the showroom, as well as give you an introduction on the appliances specified. Accompanying you for the visit will also be your named Jack Trench Project Manager.

The stage in which we order your appliances from can fluctuate, this can be due to ordering earlier to avoid planned price increases or items with longer lead times.


Drawings for Services

Once your Concept Design is approved and your appliances are specified, we can liaise with your main contractor on site to get them all the information they need in order to prepare the space for your kitchen to be installed. 

Here is an example of a typical drawing we will supply with all necessary information your contractor needs to prepare the space. The information includes all socket points as agreed during the design process, as well as
all connection requirements for the appliances specified.


Once the works have been completed as per the service drawing, your Jack Trench Project Manager will visit site and formally sign off the works, allowing us to proceed with the manufacture of your kitchen.


Worktops & Splashbacks

It is not unlikely that you would have already touched on worktops and splashbacks very early on in the design process. However, we tend to start looking more closely at specific materials once the overall design is broadly agreed.

This process sits fairly in flux in your JT schedule as the time it takes is all dependant on the material you wish to specify. Our clients can choose the amount of involvement they have in selecting material for worktops and splashbacks. We always suggest our clients visit to view material in person, plus - a fun and satisfying part of the process.


Design for Manufacture

With the project well underway, the design for manufacture stage is where we really detail every aspect of your kitchen. From the exactities of drawer divisions to internal cabinet shelf heights. Before any of this can be signed off we need to be able to take final dimensions on site. These are taken from fully finished plastered walls and ceilings (if such building work is being undertaken). 

Once these dimensions have been taken we can then tweak our 3D model to the realities on site and begin processing the drawings for manufacture.



Drawings & Notes

Before the manufacture of your kitchen you will be presented with a set of drawings including all of the internal elements and details of your project. Along with these drawings will be a set of notes, breaking down each item.

Once you have received your set of manufacture drawings, your named JT Project Manager will arrange a meeting of phone call to go through these
with you. They will cover the most relevant points which need approval before final manufacture. It is very unlikely at this point that any changes will be made, this stage is more of a formality for approval of manufacture. However, if there are minor changes needed such as adding an extra division in a drawer or changing the height of a shelf perhaps, then this can be made.

main drawings.jpg


Working with the fully signed-off shop drawings our workshop team will start manufacturing your kitchen. A crucial part of our production process is the dry-fitting stage where we will fully assemble all of the components of the project in our workshop along with any appliances fitted in-situ.


Once dry fitted in our workshop, a named Jack Trench director will then quality check the project for fidelity to the design and go through a rigorous snagging process before disassembly and finishing in readiness for installation.

While we manufacture and finish all of our kitchens in-house some specialist components are outsourced to our stable of preferred sub-contractors, these often include specialist stonework and metalwork.




It is common on a building project that our kitchen is the last large ticket item to be installed. As it is a readily finished item when installed, it is important the site is in the best condition for our installation team when they arrive.

Discretion is fundamental to our service and our highly professional site fitters work to an installation schedule that ensures as little disruption as possible whether we are in your home or working alongside other construction professionals.

Once the kitchen is fully installed, a named JT director, will personally snag the project; we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality work and consider this to be an essential part of our client handover process.



Now your completed kitchen is ready for you to enjoy, we will be sure to keep in touch to arrange your free Aftercare visit. This is generally between 4-6 months after the completion of the installation.


During this visit, our team will ensure everything is as it should be with your Jack Trench Bespoke Kitchen.


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Whether you come to us with a resolved design or only a very general idea of what you wish to achieve, we will work with you to define a clear brief for the design of your kitchen. 

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